Key Benefits

Antipodes 3D Spacer is a solution for interior design, easy to use even by non-specialists, enabling quick and intuitive creation of specific shapes and sizes of inner space. Working with the application is simply moving the separate elements with the mouse (drag and drop). Antipodes 3DSpacer will quickly answer the questions - "Is this furniture going to fit in my room?", "How much will it cost?" and "How will my interior look like?"

The ease of use in no way affects the powerful functionality of Antipodes 3D Spacer for creating detailed two-dimensional drafts and photo-realistic 3D images. Among the capabilities of the system are: an option to review each separate item as well as the entire draft, sizing and review of the finished design from every angle, decrease and increase of the image etc.

With Antipodes 3D Spacer every employee, partner or customer of your company can become an interior designer.

Antipodes 3DSpacer is entirely web based, allowing the rich functionality of the solution to be used from any device connected to the Internet. This not only increases the mobility and effectiveness of your team but also creates new opportunities for communication with your clients, who can now access the visual models through your company site, without leaving their home or office.

Antipodes 3DSpacer incorporates a number of additional opportunities for increasing the efficiency of your team like direct printing, saving and loading templates for further use, customizing forms and dimensions of the interior space etc. The opportunities to estimate the budget of your Antipodes 3D Spacer projects allow you and your clients to not only create a unique interior design but also to evaluate them in real time, finding the optimal ratio between price and quality.


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