Integration with existing WEB systems

Each project based on 3Dspacer is unique because the outcome of the complete project is integrated into various web sites for different companies with various additional features, color schemes, logos, and also in different languages.

Part of any project with 3Dspacer is recreating the "specific atmosphere" of the client in the final product. In this sense 3Dspacer is a tool in an overall project. The additional features that customers most often want to be added to the product are:

  • Specific "branding" of products - logo and color scheme
  • Ability to save the project on the customer web site
  • Tools for comments on created projects
  • Integration with online payment system
  • Integration with the ERP system of the customer
  • Specific interfaces for selection and review of the product portfolio and more

The creation of a finished product with a specific look and functionality, integrates with the other functions of your website in the best way to achieve maximum effect for the end customer.


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