Application and purpose of 3D Spacer

3D Spacer aims to make the furnishing process easier and more enjoyable by making it accessible to anyone on the Internet. It is intended for distributors of furniture, bathroom equipment, major appliances and everyone who wants to give their customers an opportunity for a better understanding of the items offered.


The software enables the users to arrange the items in many different configurations, focusing on the comfort and functionality of the interior rather than on the technical parameters of individual objects. Once they choose a design that meets their requirements, the customers can order the separate items online. It can serve as a working environment that allows multiple users to share their furnishing ideas with each other. This option is also useful if the company distributing furnishing has employed interior design consultants to assist the customers.

The software is a combination of an application for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and an interactive e-commerce catalog.

3D Spacer helps the users both with drafting of interior design solutions and with the purchase of items. Thus, the software integrates CAD and e-commerce systems in a synergistic relationship, covering the whole process of selection and purchase of different interior design solutions.


3D Spacer aims at all distributors and manufacturers of furniture, bathroom equipment and major appliances with priority to large chains offering complex interior services. Depending on the company, the software can act as an additional bonus for end customers as well as a main work platform. The distributor company can integrate the online version of 3DSpacer to their corporate website. The distribution may include a composition of exemplary interior configurations, which will serve to familiarize customers with the products offered by the company.
In addition, if the company offers interior design as a service to their customers, 3DSpacer can be used as a collaboration platform. Users can enter the parameters of the premises to be furnished and receive via e-mail different solutions prepared by professionals.


3DSpacer and 3DSpacer logo are registered trademarks of Antipodes Ltd. More product information can be found on the 3DSpacer official website.