What is Antipodes 3D Spacer

Antipodes 3D Spacer is an innovative solution for interior design that combines the possibilities of creating accurate drafts and complete three-dimensional visualization with the benefits the web interface access.

Antipodes 3D Spacer has rich functionality for spatial design that are in no way inferior to any other leading solutions in the world and yet is easy enough to use, reducing complex design tasks to the capabilities of non-specialists.

At present software solutions for interior design are becoming more and more important factor for a company to achieve uniqueness, to stand out in the eyes of consumers, to improve the visual representation of its products as well as to use more efficiently the office or the exhibition space. This type of solutions can also be used when designing homes, villas, hotels, studios and other professional offices, and in many other cases in which a transformation of the physical space is needed. In all these cases, the interior design software saves time, increases the possibilities to achieve unique atmosphere and ensures that the final result will be identical to your prior expectations.

If you are looking for an interior design solution, with Antipodes 3D Spacer you get all necessary features, organized by easy to use interface and for much more affordable price than other products with similar capabilities. The system is designed to enhance your competitiveness, focusing on better customer service, increasing team efficiency and significantly expanding its capabilities in the field of spatial design.

Antipodes 3D Spacer is suitable for companies in the sector of interior design, property management, management of shopping areas and malls, exhibition organizers, producers and suppliers of furniture, bathroom and toilet equipment, cabling, office equipment, landscaping and other interior solutions, as well as marketing agencies, companies organizing exhibitions and producing stands and showrooms. The solution can be successfully used by any larger company with branched office network that aims to integral identity of all subdivisions and commercial sites.


3DSpacer and 3DSpacer logo are registered trademarks of Antipodes Ltd. More product information can be found on the 3DSpacer official website.