About Antipodes ltd.

Antipodes is leading developer of business software. The company offers complete solutions for your organization, including BPM systems(Business Process Management), ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM system(Customer Relationships Management), online commerce platforms, multimedia, consulting, support and other services. Using the latest technologies, we are trying to answer the real needs of your company, to increase its efficiency, to reduce your costs and save the time of your team.

It is all about the success and efficiency of your business.

We try to give you the best advice and find the right combination of technologies to turn them into one complete solution, working for your organization. The solutions developed by Antipodes begin to return the funds invested in them immediately after their integration.


Proof of our professionalism and competence are the prestigious Bulgarian and international awards Antipodes have won during last years.
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Our clients

Our clients are one of the largest corporations and organizations in Europe and America, as well as big companies and financial institutions in Bulgaria
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