What`s Coming up for ERP Systems in 2016

20 January 2016



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software that can allow organizations employ a system of integrated applications to automate much technology-related office functions, human resources, and services.

The ERP system has continuously evolved in the recent years.  Here is a quick look at what`s coming up for ERP systems in 2016.


This may not surprise you, right? Everything is going mobile. Any software, website or provider that isn’t embracing the shift to mobile devices, will be left way behind, in fact so far behind in the dust!

Surprisingly, many professionals today in both large and small organizations use mobile devices to get and enter work information. It is beyond doubt that ERP systems have jumped on the mobile bandwagon, making small screens appropriate, launching apps and coming up with mobile-friendly Unemployment Insurance (UI). Many ERP system features like dashboards and reporting perform well in mobile devices and therefore, ERP providers take mobile-friendliness as a regulation rather than an exception.

Social media integration

As of 2016, ERP systems are jumping on the bandwagon of social media as a way of the future. Social media is very helpful in the ERP systems as customer relations managers can access the customers` media data. This way, a company can design strategies aimed at selling more, develop better products and plan their marketing campaigns based on concrete information.


A recent Garter study argues that by 2018, more than 30%of service-centric companies will upload much of the ERP applications to the cloud. This forecasting has been floating around for a long time, but 2016 will experience a hybrid model in which most of the applications will be hosted on-site and in the cloud to keep pace with the evolving market demand.

Not for only big guys anymore

With the ERP system vendors offering greater customization, more mobility and more cloud based options which are cost effective, even small start-ups are hopping on board. They are throwing away spreadsheets and adopting options such as ERP systems that allow them to take into account their future business growth.

The ERP field is no longer rigid to change. Watch out for the above trends and much more in 2016.