The future of ERP Systems in Small Business/Companies

20 February 2016


The Enterprise Resource Planning system is relatively new but has grown very fast lately. It is evolving to fit its users` needs.  So, how will ERP look like in future?

The industry`s recent developments hint answers to that question. Let`s get down and analyze the future of ERP systems in small businesses and companies.


Many people continue to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and this trend does not seem to end. The today`s workforce is increasingly becoming mobile, and this has increased the demand for greater flexibility to access information even from remote locations.

The ERP system has given the business professionals in both small and larger companies access to remote information such as customer information, finance, inventory levels, sales orders and much more.

In the future, we expect that the Enterprise Resource Planning mobile business intelligence solutions will grow and remain a priority. Mobility will be a key dominant in ERP systems. Right from clerks to store personnel and management to back-office employees, everyone will be accessing the ERP system via mobile devices including smartphones and tablets instead of desktops. The flexibility associated with mobile ERP system is around the corner.

 Cloud-Based ERP

Today, everything is moving towards “the cloud”. ERP system is not resistant to this wave. We have witnessed that the cloud-based ERP solutions are less expensive and have a smooth implementation. 

Small businesses are joining the larger companies in utilizing this unique ERP system. In the future, it is forecasted that the cloud-based ERP will continue to be more efficient and more adaptable to even smaller businesses.

Improved BI and reporting

In the recent years, Business Intelligence has gained a decent traction, and we expect this trend to continue over the coming years. Having an accurate business intelligence reporting will result to businesses maneuvering critical operations and strategies easily and accordingly. 


The future of ERP systems will require companies to be more flexible and have the ability to adapt to the latest technology. The ERP solutions will have more e-commerce facilities and tools suitable for all businesses regardless their size. Moreover, the ERP system is sure to help businesses sail smoothly through all challenges associated with its implementation and adoption.