Antipodes participated in the informal meeting of the EU Council on Competitiveness, held on 27 and 28 January 2016 in Amsterdam

31 January 2016

Antipodes participated in the informal meeting of the EU Council on Competitiveness, held on 27 and 28 January 2016 in Amsterdam. Informal Meeting of Ministers of the Council on Competitiveness and Growth in Amsterdam provided a unique opportunity for ministers and leading developers to explore the role that the European Commission should play in order to accelerate the "digitization of the industry."
Businesses across all industries need to adopt different digital developments, such as the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics within their business operations and business models to compete and thrive in the digital age. The European Commission, working in close cooperation with the Member States develop implementation program with which to support the digitization of European industry. Because of this, active participation of leading entrepreneurs in the field of digitization and digitization is essential. In this respect, the Dutch Presidency invite any minister to lead with him leading developers of his country - those who have extensive experience and contribution to the development of digital products, optimize the business processes, creation / transformation of digital services and / or new digital business models. The participants were given the opportunity to cut their positions on how to design future competitive European digital economy. The results will impact directly on the agenda for implementation, which the European Commission intends to publish in the spring of 2016. The participation of entrepreneurs held a round table on January 27, hosted by VNONCW (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers), where they discussed key opportunities and obstacles to the development of the European industry. The discussion includes topics such as key enabling technologies and digitization, regulation of innovation, defining industry standards.
According to information published by the Council of Ministers
"Our country supports the view of the European Commission on the implementation of a sectoral approach in promoting the development of key EU sectors such as business services and construction, and the initiative to create and introduce a" passport service. "Bulgaria supports the Commission's initiatives to overcome different treatment of customers based on their nationality or geographical location, implementing the objectives of the Strategy for digital single market. in the "research" we will exchange views on prospects for investment in research and innovation. "

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