How to make ERP Implementation Successful for Your Company

12 March 2016


As I engage companies looking forward to either upgrading their existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems or begin using the system, one thing becomes clear. That is, most companies tend to adopt the ERP systems without using the right method, and this could ultimately bring the system into failure. Here are five steps to help you implement the ERP technology safely and successfully in your company.

  1. Strategic planning

This is the initial step in implementing the ERP project. Strategic planning involves the following activities;

  • Coming up with a project team
  • Evaluating the current business processes and flow of information
  • Setting goals
  • Developing a viable project plan

Come up with a project team that has professional skills in sales, purchasing, customer services accounting operations, senior management and much more. Base your selection on the employees` skills and ensure that each team member is committed to the success of the project.

Then, the project team should evaluate the current business processes to determine which one needs to be improved. To perform this evaluation, they need to analyse every business critical document including invoices, batch tickets and much more.

After identifying the business processes that require improvement or transformation, your team should set realistic objectives. Remember, ERP solutions are massive, and you cannot implement everything in one day. Therefore, you need to define the scope of what you want to implement within the given time and according to your business needs.

Your team should also develop an implementation plan. The plan will include the set goals, training procedures, timelines and the individual team roles.

  1. Procedure review

Dedicate time to review the ERP software capabilities for the project team. You should also train them to ensure that they understand every aspect of the software.

Also, analyse your company`s manual processes that require automation. These are areas where you need to implement the ERP processes.

After such an intensive software review, you need to develop standard operating procedures and document them. Though this is a huge task, it is crucial to your business.

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