BPM Architechture

Antipodes.Cubes consists of Workflow Architect (visual tool for business processes modeling), Workflow Server and Workflow Client (flexible web interface for system access).

Workflow Architect, Workflow Server и Workflow Client, web interface

The existing ERP modules, reflecs the best practices in business management, as well as the accumulated specific vertical solutions and business processes, allow us to "assemble" a specific and reliable solution for any business.

Workflow Server

Workflow Server is the center of the architecture of Antipodes.Cubes and is crucial for the proper conduct of business processes. This is the core of the system that manages the company activities, automates processes, assigns tasks and monitors their implementation.
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Workflow Architect

The desktop environment defines and visualizes the business processes in the company. It is the "road map" which allows Antipodes.Cubes to be implemented in a very short time and with less difficulty than other business software solutions, making the system "readable" for management.
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WEB interface

One of the indisputable advantages of Antipodes.Cubes is that the interaction with the BPM system is carried out in a web environment. We created a web interface that increases the flexibility of the BPM system, enhances its scalability, and allows it to be accessed from any place and from any device.
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ERP functional modules

Integrated with Workflow Server, the ERP functional modules manage all key resources - supplies, manufacturing operations, marketing and sales, finance, accounting and document flow, thus reaching all the specific aspects of corporate activity.
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