Implementation & Support

We offer not only software products, but complete solutions for your business - including consulting, identifying specific needs, detailed planning, implementation, testing and training, as well as long-term commitment for maintenance and development of your software infrastructure.

Antipodes.Cubes Implementation & Support


A key role in implementing Antipodes.Cubes takes not technology, but compliance with the specifics of the business processes in your company, their improvement and quality control. We believe that the implementation of a BPM or ERP solution is done in order to optimize the actual business processes and to meet the real needs of the company. We pay attention to the company goals and the employees who will use the new system every day.

Thanks to its Workflow Architect, our Business Process Management solution can easily model and improve business processes with the participation of the management. Taking advantage of this benefit, we pay great attention to the preliminary analysis of business processes and their detailed planning - saving a lot of difficulties, errors and time in the subsequent process of implementation and future use of the system. This allows us to answer the needs of all departments and divisions, allying with the company staff, instead of opposing it.

We aim to solve all potential problems that could lead to failure of the project right from the planning stage before the implementation of Antipodes.Cubes. This allows us to shorten the implementation time, and for the customer to immediately start to benefit from the use of the new solution, returning their investment in it.

The requirements for a quality network, server farms and other hardware, as well as the importance of the network infrastructure increase with the implementation of an ERP/BPM system. That is why we pay great attention to this aspect of the project. Creating documentation for system users, and their training are also important parts of our job. The project ends with system testing in a real corporate environment and elimination of various problems, if any.


After the implementation of Antipodes.Cubes our team is still available. We offer a full range of services related to maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading the system and its future development, following the growth of your company.