Antipodes.Cubes key differentiators

Antipodes.Cubes is not a system you have to adjust to by changing the way your employees work. One of the most important advantages of the solution is the ability to be fully conformable to your company's needs and processes.

Antipodes.Cubes can be implemented quickly, without interfering with the work of your company. Our previous experience has shown that the teams get used to the system easily. It has low total cost of ownership (TCO) and begins to pay off as soon as the client starts working with it.

The reason behind the success of Antipodes.Cubes lies in the combination of the flexible modeling options of the solution, according to the needs of every client, and the specific web 2.0 interface for easy access to company data from anywhere and through any device. The system defines all business processes in the company, automates them, and then takes care for the company activities to be purposeful and subordinate to these processes. It is capable of finding hidden resources in your company and to subordinate them to the main objectives set for the teams.

It is proved that the BPM software can reduce the time required for the accomplishment of a given process to 85% by eliminating the time between two consecutive tasks, full automation of the individual steps of the process, placing parallel execution of tasks, and limitation of the execution time for each step. In addition, the intuitive web interface of Antipodes.Cubes will give both management and employees freedom when using corporate resources, allowing them to work effectively wherever they are and without compromising security.

Key Benefits

Antipodes.Cubes key differentiators

  • Lower operating costs - dramatically reduces management costs associated with monitoring, evaluation and supervision of staff.
  • Greater efficiency - drop or substantial decrease of the execution time of a number of secondary business processes. Substantial decrease of the time for information transfer between business units.
  • Better conditions for employees - the implementation of strict rules, and a reliable mechanism for assessment and control are a prerequisite for a good corporate atmosphere.
  • Better change management - flexible and adaptable information system with visual tools for modeling and monitoring of the processes is a prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the business model.
  • Better communication - the information in the system always finds the right user, therefore the response time between tasks is minimized.
  • Better decision making - the management is able to control every step of the company's activities, to find "bottlenecks" and to optimize operations. Decision making is much easier when you can get profound insight into the organization.

An important asset for the entire management

  • If you own a company, the implementation of Antipodes.Cubes will ensure lower costs and higher operating profits, as well as enhancement of the company value.
  • If you are a CFO, the solution will help you optimize costs and give you the assurance that they are invested properly and always tied to the company goals.
  • For IT managers Antipodes.Cubes means a much more predictable and reliable information infrastructure, demanding minimum effort for future development and maintenance, naturally following the company's needs.
  • If you are a manager, you will gain an important ally in the face of Antipodes.Cubes, one that can ensure that all company resources are working in pursuit of clearly mapped processes.
  • If you are an investor, you will stake on a company working with Antipodes.Cubes, because it guarantees that you invest in well-structured business that does not depend on the knowledge and skills of individual managers.

Antipodes.Cubes adapts to the needs of your business

The implementation of our BPM software does not require you to change the way your company operates. Instead it will be conformable with the processes in it. Through the built-in Workflow Architect we will create a solution, answering to the specific needs of your business, which can easily be changed by us or by your experts, along with the development of the company.