What is a Business Process Management system?

The processes are critical to any organization. Not only do they describe how tasks should be carried out, but also in what sequence, by whom, and who is responsible for coordinating them. They are so important for your business that the way you define, visualize, and manage them, actually determines how successful your company will be.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a class of software products that allows defining the processes in a company, their visualization, management, analysis, and future development. BPM systems are fully dedicated to increasing the efficiency of companies, lowering their costs and improving management. The research company Gartner wrote about them in their study "Scenario - Business process management":

BPM wins the 'triple crown' of saving money, saving time and adding value.

BPM software is even more pressing in time of limited IT budgets, as it starts returning the invested money as soon as it goes live in the company. This class solutions is designed so that they can immediately determine where are the weaknesses in the business processes and which departments delay the company work, whereupon to increase their efficiency.


Return on investment (ROI) begins with the implementation of BPM


BPM facilitates the work of the whole team

Unlike other business software systems, the implementation of BPM most often receives approval from the teams, because it means facilitating their work. For managers it means easier control of what happens in the company, for employees - clear responsibilities and more effective time consumption, and for customers - better and faster services. Training and embracing new employees is also much faster and they almost immediately begin to generate revenue for the organization instead of engaging more experienced colleagues for months.

Where is BPM positioned against other classes of business software

The use of BPM software is growing every year because it includes the advantages of many traditional management systems:

Where is BPM positioned against other classes oф business software
  • Document Managemant Systems with their ability to monitor the movement of documents under predefined rules;
  • Workflow Systems managing human resources and business processes in organizations;
  • Enterprise Application Integration Systems with the ability to integrate business processes randomly, existing information systems and resources in organizations;

BPM takes your company to the next level of development

Implementing Business Process Management software facilitates the adoption of internationally recognized standards, incorporates new employees to the internal company culture and increases the value of the company. Furthermore, this step creates conditions for faster growth, clearly defining business processes and eliminating restrictions on the scalability of operations. The system itself ensures that expansion through continuous optimization of business processes in the future.