Administrative Documents

Antipodes.Cubes CRM modulThis component of Antipodes.Cubes is designed to facilitate the company's administration, to turn it from annoying obstacle to a tool assisting the team work, increasing their efficiency, optimizing the document flow, saving costs and time for employees and management.

The module manages all processes related to the administration

  • Advances, their payment and accounting
  • Business trips and relevant finances and reports
  • Leaves
  • All incoming and outgoing documents related to partners, clients and public institutions
  • The exchange of documents between departments

The module solves several typical problems for the traditional business administration. It ensures easy access to any document exactly when you need it. Moreover, through every device with internet access no matter if you are in the office, in a traffic jam, at the airport or even at the beach. You no longer have to be in the office and dig through folders and cabinets to find it. In fact, documents are easily accessible in the context of tasks and processes to which they are attached and whatever each team member does, the system ensures it has a link to the necessary documents.

In addition, the module automates the documents approval by the authorized staff, as well as the administration of the most common business processes within the organization:


Our system allows recording and accounting for advance payments to your employees (accountable persons) and accounts balance of the funds they have received.

  • Work and balances with unlimited number of currencies
  • Automatic conversion
  • Notification of payment and accounting

Business trips

Integrated processes for calculating living expenses, selecting substitutes and documents approval for maximum ease of the business trip organization.

  • Nomenclatures
  • Substitute staff
  • Integration with Finance and Accounting modules


The leave applications reach management and administrative department with maximum discretion and efficiency and are approved with one click.

  • Automatic calculation of unused days from previous years
  • Unlimited number of types of leave
  • Limits for employees by types of leave

Substitute employees

During the absence of your employee, the system may delegate his rights and obligations to another employee who will perform them for the period - you only have to specify to whom.

  • Approval of substitute
  • Delegation of rights

Green Initiative

Another important advantage is that the Administrative documents module saves paper costs, archive rooms, and any additional resources. In fact, introducing our BPM system, you switch to the model of fully paperless office where company information is much more secure, much easier to manage and access, and cheaper to maintain. Last but not least, saving paper reduces the scars of your company activities on the environment. This approach contribute to eliminating errors such as generation of the same document twice or losing documents, which further saves time and optimizes the employees' performance.