Antipodes.Cubes AutoparkThis component of Antipodes.Cubes is designed for the effective management of corporate vehicles. It is suitable for companies in the field of transport and shipping, courier and distribution, chain retail, telecom operators and any other companies with large vehicle or machinery park.

The module brings together all the information about cars, waybills, fuel costs, maintenance costs, service work, tires, oil, insurance, etc., allowing their optimization. It is fully integrated with the other components of the BPM system, which facilitates the participation of car drivers in all business processes.

The system allows automatic calculation and optimization of routes, and is fully integrated with Google Maps to visualize the results.


  • Types of vehicles
  • Vehicle records
  • Geometry of the vehicles and trailers
  • Capacity of individual elements


  • Driver records
  • Earnings
  • Schedule operation consistent with the statutory requirements


  • For replacement of consumables
  • For service of automobiles
  • For insurance and other events
  • For tire changes


  • Of routes
  • Of filling of cars and trailers
  • Of maintenance of stocks on sites

The main advantages of the module for autopark management are the planning and cost reduction, monitoring the efficiency of drivers and improving discipline for using fuel and other resources.