CRM module

Antipodes.Cubes Finances modulOur CRM module is designed to improve the services you provide to your customers, and to facilitate the joint work of the sales department. It seeks to organize all the data associated with a given contact, and make it easily accessible to your employees:

Resources available to all.

The CRM module pays special attention to storing data of your customers and of all events and other information that is important but is generally scattered between different employees. 

If properly used, the CRM module will give every employee enough information to provide efficient and adequate service to the customers, even on his first day at work.

Contact profile

The contact profile is a universal interface for both inquiries and performing various operations. Information collected from each module of the system: your employees can see status of orders, invoices, payments, as well as current and future supplies to offices and warehouses.

Profile customization

The contact profile can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your business most accurately. You can easily set-up the overall view, and specify which information table you want to see upon opening the record, and which one you don't need at all.

Contact persons

The system has standardized forms for input of contact persons' data so that various information can be entered, such as ways of communication, areas of responsibilities and availability time.


A form for entering addresses is also available in the system, and the user may specify how this address should be used by the system. The address of the partner warehouse is shown when creating a delivery for him and the tax address is used in his financial documents.


With "Events" the users can report phone calls, meetings, e-mail communication and any other contact with the client, and thus make it available to their colleagues.

Grouping and categorization of companies

You can categorize companies according to the type of relationship you have with them, and to group them according to their loyalty, size or other criteria you want.