Development of custom modules and functionality

Development of custom modules and functionality Our team offers not only our ERP modules, but also the opportunity to develop custom software solutions and business processes to fully meet your specific needs and requirements.

We know that every project is different, every company has a specific know-how and own processes, which require a different approach in the implementation of business software. Therefore the implementation of a standardized solution, without taking into account all the specifics of the client's activities, can lead to various problems and ultimately obstruct the optimal use of the system. Our experience shows that often the specific add-ons, which constitute 10-20% of the project, subsequently bring 80-90% of the effect and success of using a business software system.

An important difference between us and many of the largest providers of business software is that we are always ready to listen to the customer. Despite our experience, we do not feel big enough to insist that what we offer is the best solution in every situation. Very often specific customer business practices are what have made their business successful and our job is to keep that advantage.

These conclusions together with our long experience are the reason to create for our clients a variety of specific modules, integrated with standard business solutions. Whether for team management, for automobile or machinery park, or for other unique projects, the business purpose of customized modules is always to increase efficiency in the use of corporate information infrastructure, to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Our BPM software Antipodes.Cubes and its Workflow Architect enable such projects to be implemented fast, easy and affordable.