Antipodes.Cubes Finances modulFinancial management is one of the biggest advantages of Antipodes.Cubes. This module gives a comprehensive picture of cash flows and stocks in the company and is a powerful tool for cost optimization, analysis and increasing revenue, as well as management of receivables and payables.

The financial module is extremely flexible and allows many different views - from detailed reports for money movement to and from the company, to business analysis for different time periods, regions, business units or types of activities that give you a general picture of the activity trends. After the implementation of Antipodes.Cubes this module will become your most powerful tool for comparing the results of company activities with your long-term business objectives, as well as for corrections in activities if necessary.

Financial documents

The module manages all movement of financial documents created by employees - pro forma, invoices and others, as well as movements on company bank accounts, tax, paid advances and others.

  • Primary financial documents
  • Receivables and payables
  • Income and expenditure
  • Conversions
  • Reports

With the ability to automatically generate invoices for regular payments, the module becomes part of your team, saving valuable staff time. Management of claims is also widely covered by distinguishing claims whose payment period has not yet passed and those in delay or the hard-to-collect ones with significant delay. You can also see how receivables and payables have changed in the past.

Cash flows

The module fully manages the company financial flows. This allows you to fine tune your activity in order to increase the liquidity of the company on a daily basis.

  • Liquidity
  • Balances
  • Overdrafts
  • Working with different currencies
  • Advances
  • Working with cash. Retail

Analytical cash flow information is available for the management from any point, giving accurate information on availability at any time and is a valuable helper in making quick decisions whether you're at the office or not.


One of the most important functions of Antipodes.Cubes is the ability to assess the profitability of individual projects, departments or activities within a specific time period.

  • Services
  • Projects, sub-projects
  • Contractors

The financial module integrated with the P&S module shows you how different departments or even how each employee is doing and automatically compares it with the costs that correspond to that income. In this way you get a complete picture of your business and you can properly evaluate the profitability of different activities - even at the level of a single sale, as well as the ROI.

Detailed dimensions

The Finances Module gives the option for business analysis and allows defining in advance the specific ways in which you want the data to be presented.

  • Dealers
  • Items and trademarks
  • Any number of additional nomenclatures of revenue and expenditure

Besides the standard parameters, you can think of and define random additional dimensions, reaching to the details of the revenue from each stand or employee, as well as the types of expenses such as fuels for auto park or types of communication services.

Antipodes.Cubes Accounting moduleAccounting

The Finances module is closely linked with the accounting of the company, as each transaction automatically generates changes in the accounting system. Like all other components of Antipodes.Cubes, it is easily accessible via web interface and through any device from anywhere, while the encrypted connection and authentication ensure the security of the sensitive business information.