Purchase & Sales

Antipodes.Cubes Purchase and SalesAntipodes.Cubes has all the effective tools to optimize the performance of the sales staff and save their time. The built-in Sales module allows quick and easy creation of new sales, as well as monitoring of the existing ones, according to the stage of realization, invoicing and payment.

When creating a new sale, the team has complete freedom to choose a price from the existing price lists or a completely different one, according to the specific arrangements with the client. It is easy to add products or services to the sales, including periodic services such as maintenance fees, monthly payments, a combination of installation fee and periodic fees, etc. This flexibility makes Antipodes.Cubes especially suitable for managing telecom operators, utilities companies and other service providers. In addition, all sales and invoices are consistent with an unlimited number of currencies, as the built-in calculator converts amounts in real-time, according to the exchange rates, allowing the company to sell on huge numbers of foreign markets as easily as in their own country.

This module, as well as the whole BPM solution, enable the efficient work of the company on different national markets with different currencies and provide its quick international growth.

New customers are registered very quickly while generating a sale to them. The employee has the freedom to choose the type of payment - in advance, upon delivery, upon installation or other, within the established by the management system settings. The option to copy items from previous sales saves time to your sales staff and facilitates their work, allowing them to have more conversations or meetings with potential clients.

Purchase and Sales

The Purchase and Sales module is integrated with the CRM module of the system, allowing fast segmentation of sales for different types of customers. The flexibility of the module settings ensures that it will not be the bottleneck in your information system when executing any agreement with the customers.

  • Grouping contacts in a complex hierarchy
  • Unlimited number of price lists in different currencies
  • Discounts and surplus charge with fixed amount or percentage
  • Conversion of transactions

Monitoring of sales process

The sales process is not a single event but a process in which the communication with the customer is critical. Accurate and timely information is crucial.

  • Responsible sales person
  • Notification of impending billing
  • Notifications for ending contracts
  • Notifications for upcoming or overdue payments
  • Notifications for terms of implementation

Working with projects

One of the important functions of Antipodes.Cubes is the ability to assess the profitability of client, project and even on the level of individual sales.

  • Services
  • Projects, sub-projects
  • Sales records

The financial module integrated with the P&S module shows you how different departments or even how each employee is doing and automatically compares it with the costs that correspond to that income. In this way you get a complete picture of your business and you can properly evaluate the profitability of different activities - even at the level of a single sale, as well as the ROI.

Working with services

A big advantage of the system is the automation of tracking and billing of periodic services. This relieves the sales team from the tiresome tracking of service expiration, renewal of contracts, and eliminates the manual labor for billing.

  • Services
  • Service record
  • Contracts
  • Automatic billing
  • Automatic notification for renewal of contracts

Dimensions and reports

The sales of a company are the most important source of funds. This is why they are under constant surveillance by the management. Antipodes.Cubes allows you to segment sales reports by specific dimensions. Since every company has different dimensions: sales representative, regions, items, etc., you have the freedom to add them yourself.


In Antipodes.Cubes the sales are fully integrated with the other modules of the system and creating a new sale automatically generates information for the other departments of the company. For example, the Logistics department immediately learns what new items the customer has ordered and need to be delivered; the Customer Service department learns what services he has purchased and what fees he owes. When creating a new sale, the system can also generate an invoice for it, which is immediately recorded in the financial and accounting modules.


The convenient access to the Sales module from web interface allows the salesman to add new sales from the customer's office or for example from a meeting with him at the restaurant - via mobile phone, tablet or other portable device. He may also change various parameters on existing sales or check with the client what the specific terms of a previous transaction were. They may also see in real time at what stage is the implementation, what percentage of the price has been invoiced and what percentage of the products has been discharged from the warehouse. The managers of the company can review the work of the sales department wherever they are, discover the reasons for the delay of certain sales or assess the performance of particular employees and units, and if needed - to make the adequate changes.