Warehouse Management

Warehouse ManagementWith the Warehouse module of Antipodes.Cubes you can always track the current status of your warehouses and be sure that the items in them have the correct cost. This module is able to organize the overall logistics of the company.

Inventory in warehouses and storage sites

The Antipodes.Cubes Warehouse module allows you to track available items and their cost prices. The system supports unlimited number of warehouses, and each warehouse can be divided into separate yards. With this option, the user is able to indicate not only the warehouse in which the item is stored, but also the specific area where it is stored, which makes it easier to find in the future.

Working with serial numbers and barcodes

The Antipodes.Cubes Warehouse module supports barcodes for lots and individual serial number of each unit by providing:

  • Records of all operations associated with a serial number
  • Calculating the cost of an individual unit/lot
  • Blocking (booking) of serial number/barcode in warehouse for sale

Additional options

  • Monitoring of minimum quantities of stock
  • Ability to compile applications for ordering materials
  • Easy to move items between your warehouses or storage facilities
  • Working with composite items (bundles)
  • Working with groups of items
  • Ability to define the specific additional parameters of the group 
  • Ability to perform quality control of items while storing them
  • Supports stock-taking with the option to reassess the cost.

Integration with other modules in the system

The warehouse operations in the Antipodes.Cubes system do not "hang in the air" and are directly connected with the corresponding operations for supply orders, customer sales, returns, repairs and production recipes. These links allow you to follow the whole cycle of order, storing, possible production and sale, to the service history of an item, as the benefits are:

  • Easier tracking and accounting
  • Less possibility for error
  • Quick input of information