Support and Maintainance

Antipodes.Cubes Support and MaintainanceThe Maintenance and Service module of Antipodes.Cubes contains a set of functionalities for managing activities related to warranty and support of products sold by you. It allows you to keep track of their warranty terms, and to register defects, repairs and any other activity on their maintenance.

Maintenance of products at clients' sites

The system offers a report for the products you have sold that allows you to track inventory of every customer as easily as your own stock in warehouses. Moreover, we track exactly where the product is, especially when it comes to large customers with many orders, respectively, with many offices, industrial and other premises where your response time on maintenance contracts is an important factor for your business.

Monitoring warranty terms

For each product that is sold with warranty, you can monitor whether and when that period expires, and the system will automatically remind you to renew contracts with customers. It is possible that some or all products sold to customers must be purchased from a supplier. For your convenience we also maintain reports on providers that track from where the product has been purchased, and when the provider's warranty support expires.

The length of the warranty period is entered for the item generally, but is monitored for each unit sold, and you have the option to specify when that period begins (on sale of the item or on its delivery).

Service tracking

We also took care of the cases where the maintenance of a product does not automatically enroll for a fixed period (as in warranty), and is bought and paid separately by the customer on a monthly or annual basis. To assist this process, we have developed functionality for the sale and purchase of regular services. The advantage of periodic services is that they are sold separately from the products, i.e. for one product may be offered several different types of support. Our options for ensuring the product with a service allows you to quickly find which support service to which item relates, and billing of periodic fees comes automatically after configuring the service parameters (size of initial and periodic fee, period to charge, date of payment, etc.).


Antipodes.Cubes manages all types of inquiries and complaints. For each query the system generates a "ticket" - a passport of the problem, which keeps track of all activities and resources used for its solving.

The service module supports:

  • Registering problems
  • Registering repairs
  • Provision of temporary products
  • Reports of defective and repaired items
  • Replacement of defective products
  • Used materials for repair
  • Labor (Time Sheets)

The module can automatically calculate the cost of service, and generate reports for clients. According to the preliminary settings, the system can take into account the time for response, materials and labor consumed, or other specific indicators.