Our team's long experience and expertise in implementing business software solutions allow us to create specific versions of Antipodes.Cubes for specific industries - manufacturing, trade, services, real estate, telecommunications, NGOs, health management, etc.


Each of these vertical solutions gives the best answer to the needs of the given industry, being proved in real working installations in Bulgaria and abroad, and focusing the whole team's knowledge of the specifics of the industry.

Lower operating costs

Dramatically reducing management costs associated with monitoring, evaluation and supervision of staff.

Greater efficiency

Eliminating or significantly reducing the execution time of a number of auxiliary procedures.

Better services

Constantly improving the business model through introduction and adaptation of best work practices.

Better conditions for employees

The introduction of strict rules and the reliable evaluation and control mechanism are a prerequisite for good corporate atmosphere.

Better change management

Flexible and adaptable information system in the hands of the management team.

Better communications

With grouping and customizing the information always reaches the right system user, thus minimizing the response time between tasks.

Better decision-making

The management staff is able to control every step of the company's activities to find "bottlenecks" and optimize operations. Decision-making is much easier when you can get insight from the "top" of the organization.