For Manufacturing Companies

The BPM solution Antipodes.Cubes is really suitable for manufacturing companies, and our team's experience in this industry ensures that these companies will get the best of our system.

The system covers all major activities in manufacturing companies: supply management and demand for raw materials, production processes, warehouse optimization, and realization of finished products, managing the document flow, finances, accounting, fleet and others. Antipodes.Cubes standardizes business processes and creates clear policies for the quality control and management. The system provides integration of different manufacturing and logistics units, including remote subdivisions.

Antipodes.Cubes can operate successfully in all types of manufacturing companies - from food industry and production of building components, doors and furniture to electronics and engineering.

Antipodes.Cubes is flexible enough to ensure rapid development of manufacturing companies during periods of growth and the necessary scalability and business processes optimization, when there is a downturn in business. The system is focused on increasing efficiency at all stages of manufacturing process, improving the quality of finished products and optimizing staff time and other important company resources. Moreover, Antipodes.Cubes improves the control on business processes and optimizes supply and production schedules, ensuring that the company will not prepay more quantities of raw materials than needed at that time. Often it is necessary to solve complex optimization problems, which further leads to optimization of resources used in manufacturing.

Our BPM system has many advantages in sales of finished products. The flexible web interface of Antipodes.Cubes allows the sales team, being at the client's office, to create through their mobile phone, laptop or other mobile device a new contract which automatically generates the tasks for the manufacturing team, shortening the process of manufacturing the products and their delivery. The whole Antipodes.Cubes architecture is designed so as to reduce the unnecessary loss of time and to optimize the production and delivery. Thus the company saves time, optimizes resources, reduces the amount of unrealized finished products in warehouses, and improves customer service.