Medical facilities

Antipodes offers an integrated software solution for business management of processes related to the medical care of patients in different hospitals, which provides comprehensive information support for:

Registration of patients

Individual or corporate patients,funds and other medical facilities and service providers, lists of doctors and medical personnel, as well as room information. Introduction of specific subscription plans for providing medical services and a variety of price lists based on choice of physician, contract, etc. Examination in the medical establishment – choice of doctor, appointments, entering registry, examination, manipulation or other activity within the medical establishment.

Adequate valuation

Adequate valuation of each element of the services provided, taking into account the specifics of the cost of medical services related to the work of the NHIF through the financial module of the system. The strict hierarchy of work rights, the adequate access to specific information resources and pre-defined movement of information flows, combined with the controlling effect of the used platform, place Antipodes.Cubes among the market's leading software solutions in healthcare. Using Antipodes.Cubes is a prerequisite for the increased automation of processes in a medical establishment which is directly related to increasing its effectiveness and reducing the cost of service.


Maintenance of contacts filing: patients, physicians, health funds and corporate clients (companies that provide additional health insurance for their employees).


The Registry module helps for the easy and efficient management of the administrative activities of the clinic.

  • Complex system for scheduling of each room and physician.
  • Automatic notification of physicians and patients for appointments.
  • Easy registration of new patients in the system and accelerated completion of the necessary data.
  • Easy registration of outside the clinic manipulations and examinations.
  • Easy registration of examinations for medical certificates or MCC committee.
  • Billing system for invoicing examinations and other manipulations, paid by a particular fund or company.
  • Cost reporting system for medical transportation costs and other auxiliary activities.


The Prophylaxis module is a separate functionality designed to manage the cycle of prophylactic examinations for a group of patients.