Public sector and NGOs

Antipodes is one of the few developers of business management systems who have created versions of their products especially for NGOs. We are familiar with the specific needs of this type of entities in budgeting and reporting, document flow, work with different groups of users and project management, and we have modified the BPM system Antipodes.Cubes so as to respond fully to them.

Antipodes.Cubes vertical solutions for Public sector and NGOs

The solution is optimized for process management in the NGO sector and has a rich functionality for the generation of specific documents, their management and the addition of various intelligence services. We have designed connections with specific groups of users and individual calls or events in the system can automatically generate logical processes in the whole system, which ultimately improves the communication of the organization with its users.

More than 60% of the business process management systems in the world are implemented in the public sector or in non-profit organizations.

Antipodes.Cubes has a built-in module for project management, which allows simultaneous work on different projects, as well as sharing the same resources between them. The powerful financial module of the system can fully meet the various requirements for budgeting, cash management and reporting, which are specific to the activities of NGOs.

Antipodes has extensive experience working with many of the largest non-profit organizations in Britain such as: We Are What We Do, TimeBank, The Prince Trust, Smartchange, the Labour government and others