For Property Management Agencies

The experience that our team has in the branch of real estate, as well as the flexibility of our BPM system Antipodes.Cubes allows us to create a version of the solution that is entirely intended to cover the needs of companies in this industry. Antipodes.Cubes is integrated with different web sources of information such as real estate portals, Google Maps and others, which makes a very modern and up-to-date solution, suitable for the dynamics of this sector.

It covers all the activities of business process management, document flow management, the process of bidding and sales, supports full information on properties or renting activities and optimizes the one-time or regular expenses. Antipodes.Cubes allows to easily add new properties in your portfolio, no matter in what part of Bulgaria or the world they are, to calculate payments in different currencies, and to receive the different trends in market prices, demand or supply at any time.

An important feature of our vertical solution for real estate agencies is the ability to manage projects in this sector (construction, repair, rehabilitation, modernization), as well as the optimal allocation of company resources among a number of projects.

This version of Antipodes.Cubes is suitable for companies trading with real estate, investment companies in the property sector, companies for property management and others.

The system is fully consistent with the needs of companies in this sector and is highly scalable, taking into account the market dynamics. Moreover, Antipodes.Cubes has many possibilities to optimize business costs, staff time, company documents and any other important business resources. The cumulative effect of these optimizations can bring the company significant savings that can be especially valuable in periods of falling real estate market.

Along with cost optimization, the software solution will help to improve the quality of property management, maintenance, and better customer service. The system implementation helps to cover the various quality standards and regulatory requirements in real estate. Antipodes.Cubes ensures that business expansion will not affect the quality of services and growth of the company will be secured.

The BPM solution will help to improve communication in your team, no matter how many offices you have or in how many different cities or countries. When using Antipodes.Cubes, all employees will know what other team members are doing and how it affects their work. The management of many properties located in different geographical regions, but rented by one customer, will be as easy as of a single small office.