For Service Companies

Antipodes.Cubes has numerous advantages for service companies. The system supports operations with a wide variety of plans, credit limits and payment options. It also allows maximum automation of servicing monthly subscribers, which gives you greater scalability of the business with fewer resources.

Antipodes.Cubes ERP & BPM vertical solution for service companies

In the modern information society every day we are witnessing the emergence of new services and the market is changing literally within months. The traditional utilities such as water, electricity or cable TV are constantly adding entirely new capabilities – mobile internet, online payments, location-based services, IP TV, Internet hosting and many others.

New technology services occur every day, and smart grid solutions promise to add intelligence to traditional utilities infrastructure, complicating further their management and reporting. Moreover, several things that until now we used to consider products – for example software programs, office telephone exchange, access to movies and music, and even books – are now available as a service.

Antipodes is well positioned in the service sector. Our team has extensive experience with different types of service providers.

With Antipodes.Cubes you can easily add and remove new services, packages or promotional offers. An option that is particularly important if your business is in the field of ICT, where the fast go-to-market strategy of a new service can be crucial for the competition race. In recent years one of the most discussed threats to telecom operators is the increasing competition from online companies, and the reason is that new Internet services appear much faster, while telecoms need more time to update their portfolio. No matter of the segment in which you are focusing, with our business software you will minimize the time to launch new services, removing all unnecessary delays for this and be much more flexible, responding promptly to market changes.

In addition, Antipodes.Cubes has built-in intelligence that will allow you to track more accurately consumer attitudes and to respond promptly to changes. The powerful CRM functionality of the solution will provide clear communication with clients, better support and will create new marketing opportunities.