For Wholesale and Distribution Companies

In recent years the distribution segment is developing faster and faster, becoming more competitive and dynamic. New companies enter the industry to reallocate positions, while sales channels become more diverse. In these conditions any competitive advantage is important, but factors such as optimization of business processes, better work organization, more effective personnel management, and warehouse optimization, are more important than ever.

Our BPM (Business Process Management) solution for distribution and retail companies can cover all aspects of running a distribution company, from warehouse management, logistics and fleet, to the point of sale, finances, accounting and documentation. The built-in business intelligence capabilities will allow you to receive information about sales trends in real-time, according to your criteria - time periods, weekdays, cities and regions. This will allow managers and supply responsible staff to make more informed decisions about what product range to offer in the future, and to respond more quickly to new market trends.

The business process management system Antipodes.Cubes is optimized for distribution companies – from small trade companies to large chains with complex branched shops and logistics network.

One of the advantages of the system in terms of trade is the ability to maintain different price lists, to work with a wide variety of items, grouped by different parameters and to control the whole process of logistics. Moreover, Antipodes.Cubes allows shortening the delivery time of a product and reaching the point of sale, eliminating any subjective reasons for delay. This gives you a significant competitive advantage if you want to be the first to deliver any new products to your customers.